Judy King is a passionate coach, trainer and keynote speaker who is serious about creating transformational change in the lives of those she works with.

After spending 23 years as a leader and influencer in the fitness industry, Judy realised that lasting change must start with a shift in mindset at a unconscious level. This lead her to become an NLP Master Practitioner, Master coach and trainer. Because of her combined experience, she is a powerhouse speaker and a dynamic coach.

Judy is energetic, motivational and very real about the challenges in life and business. She works with both companies and individuals who are fully committed to rapid growth and change, as evidenced by very real results in themselves and their clients.

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NLP training


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the most practical, results oriented technology of detecting, understanding and getting in control of our conscious and unconscious thinking. We will show you how to use this with self and others - individually and as a coach.

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Bold, Brave & Badass Online Program

This is a 6-week online breakthrough to success program! It really is a powerful step to getting unstuck in your life, relationship or career and moving forward. 

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