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Bold, brave & badass package


This is a 6 week online course.

Week 1: 'Groundwork'
To Being Bold, Brave & Badass

(60 min Video Training) Everything you need to know about the most important part of creating results right now. Get to know the most important and powerful part of your human body - your mind. In record time, you are going to understand how your thinking determines your results.

Week 2: 'Clarity on your Motivators'

(75 min Video Training.) Learn the prime directives of the unconscious mind and how to develop a relationship with that part of you to move towards your goals. Plus, get clear on what drives you to do what you do and what is important to you so you can get in alignment and make progress. Up until now, you have cripples your results by not staying true to what YOU truly want.

Week 3: ‘What is in your future?'

(60 min group call) Imagine getting clear on why your values are important to you. This is a powerful process in understanding what’s truly behind your motivators which impact your results in your life right now. Are they working for you or against you? You are curious, aren’t you?

Week 4: ‘Get Smart’

(60 min group call) Take a deep dive into how to set goals and put them into the future to make them happen!

Week 5: ‘Letting Go of the Past'

(90 min group call) One of the key reasons you aren’t seeing the results you want in your life right now, is because you are holding onto the past. Imagine letting go of all of your negative emotions from the past, to free you up to focus on the future? Exciting isn’t it? The best part is we do it with a technique whereby you don’t have to feel the emotions or go back into any traumatic events and talk about them. In less than 10 minutes all of the negative emotions will be gone.

Week 6: ‘Letting Go of the Past (PART 2) & Create Future’

(110 min group call) The other thing holding you back is your beliefs about yourself, we call these limiting decisions or beliefs. See yourself in future without these in play. How would life look? Limitless right? Yes! That’s right.We release these, set another another goal into the future so you are clear, fired up and ready to take action!

Weekly Program Requirements:

1 x Video training (60-90 mins) – to be done within the week. There is a weekly task to complete also, so please don't leave this to the last minute. You will be able to login to the online platform and complete these throughout the week.  

Facebook check-in: You will be added to a Facebook group where you can ask questions and comment on each weeks' session. Here I will also load additional videos and information to support your journey. 

Each session links to the next, hence the necessity for completion.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

CLICK HERE to download informational PDF.