How to Create a Powerful Belief System


How to create a powerful belief system

We create beliefs to anchor our understanding to the world around us. A belief is an assumed truth, so once we have formed a belief (between the age of 3-5) we rarely depart from it. Our unconscious mind (where our beliefs reign) likes to keep us wrapped up in our beliefs and so all remains calm and ‘well’ with our world.

Once we form a primary belief, we will usually disbelieve everything that contradicts it. The can result in angst, arguments and lack of connection in your relationships. On the flip side, we also continue to find evidence to back up our belief.

Where this becomes a problem is when you are confronted with truths that contradict your beliefs. This is unknown and can feel unsafe. Then what? Or perhaps the course of action you want or feel you need to take to get to the next level in your life, business or relationship goes against your beliefs.

The question you need to ask yourself is this…

‘Is the opinion or the belief that I am holding onto actually true, or is it just referencing events that have happened in the past?’ If so, does it mean that every event or situation will always be the same in the future? Is there a possibility that it could go down differently next time, especially if you approach the situation with a new awareness?

You are not your past and your past does not define you.

Most of our beliefs also tend to be charged with a lot of emotion. The first step to changing your belief is to recognise this.

Wake up to what is running below the surface, the undercurrent which is limiting you from an incredible life where your dreams are made.

Firstly, you must release and let go of the emotion from the past. I use an incredible healing process with my clients to do this easily & quickly, without having to relive the past of the emotions. It is powerful and undeniable. Then, you can begin to observe your beliefs objectively with new learnings and without feeling threatened or like your world is going to fall apart.

Your current beliefs do not mean you are wrong, your life is wrong, or that even what you believe is wrong. You have formed these beliefs from your environment. What I want to encourage you to do is ask better questions and actually question your beliefs and the beliefs of those around you.

Decide what is actually true for you.

Once you have realised the beliefs that are holding you back or not aligned with your highest purpose or the big vision you have for your life, you can begin to release them and form new beliefs in their place.

Here are 4 steps to change a negative belief:

1.     Become aware of the belief and the different parts to make up that belief

2.     Release the emotions that surround it and the belief simultaneously

3.     Shift your perspective by focusing on your learnings

4.     Replace it with a positive, empowering belief

At the core of everything you do or don’t do is the seat of beliefs. Change your beliefs and you will change you life.

There is a classic example of this in the story of the 4 minute mile. Before it was broken, experts said that it wasn’t humanly possible and so everyone believed that it couldn’t be done. Except one person - On May 6, 1954, Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute barrier, running the distance in 3:59.4. So either he forgot it couldn’t be done, or he believed he could. After this event, just 3 weeks later, Landy broke his time.

Since then it has been broken again and again. What happened? There was a massive shift in people’s belief systems that then allowed them to create a new reality. What does this tell you about a belief? It means it’s not law.

If you buy into the limited thinking of those around you, it will do nothing to support your evolution and achievement of your goals.

If you want to reinvent yourself, it’s going to take critical thinking and the willingness to surrender to everything you have ever believed to be true for you!

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Photo by Dylan Siebel on Unsplash