Creating Change Using the Power Of An Idea

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The power of an idea

Ideas change the world. The momentum that is created, and the energy that is released out of the spark on an idea is in fact the only thing that does change the world.

It is also the very thing that will change your life.

Allowing yourself to ponder ‘what if’ or seek out new concepts or new ways of doing things is what motivates you to action, and is what drives each new day that you live. Everything you are currently doing, at some point started from an idea that was formed within your mind.

What would happen if you were able to actively tap into the power of idea formation? To choose consciously the life you want, and allow the right ideas to come to the surface.

Once you allow the mind to stretch to a new idea, it can rarely return to its older state. This is how the human race progresses. This is how you will progress. Expansion of self comes from allowing new concepts, new possibilities to form and become a reality which then converts into action.

How can you stretch yourself to allow new ideas to form and motivate you?

1.     Mix with a variety of people – travelling is great for this. The more you expose yourself to other people’s ideas, ways of living and culture, the more your mind will expand to new possibilities

2.     Read and learn – reading is one of the key things that most successful business leaders do more than anything for growth. Through reading we can open the mind to new concepts, learn what other people are doing, saying and thinking. Investing in your own growth and development is essential. 

3.     Be creative on a daily basis – find a hobby that helps you be creative. Problem solving is an excellent way of encouraging new ideas. Writing, drawing, dancing - anything that stimulates the formation of new concepts and allows your mind the freedom to wander outside of its comfort zones will benefit. 

"A mighty flame follows a tiny spark."  - Dante Alighieri