3 Tips to Keeping Personal Boundaries in Place

personal boundaries Judy King

This past week I was running my NLP Practitioner Training and had my client coaching calls outside of that. It was a full and fun week! As soon as I finished my training I was surprised not to have the feeling of ‘OMG thank goodness I can breathe again’ (which btw is normally what I feel after these kinds of weeks).

What I realized was that I have actually been able to create balance through the week, and was totally supported which made it easy, flow and so happy.

As a driven entrepreneur (and Mum) it can be tough to keep our boundaries in place, while being able to serve our clients and be there for our loved ones all at the same time. 

I am a workaholic and absolutely love what I do, so I can easily get caught up in what I am doing and forget about myself. Me.. Little ole me… gets forgotten and put last. 

Sound familiar? 

Keeping my boundaries in place is something I have been refining and putting into practice for years and its still a work in progress – mostly when things heat up (Remember it’s OK to be imperfect. We are human after all). However what I have found is when I apply these steps below, I know I am in good shape.

Here are my 3 tips to keeping boundaries in place

1. Remind yourself daily you are valuable and you deserve this

Lack of self worth and self value only leads to becoming a 'yes' person - sacrificing self in order to do it all for others in the hope to satisfy them, and find some satisfaction for yourself in the process. Although it feels kinda good, underneath it feels crappy because what you truly want and need isn’t what you are doing. Been there and done that?

2. State what your needs are

Claim back your power and speak into what you want and need. That might mean for you 30 minutes a day to self, or an hour a day to get to the gym, or some alone time first thing in the morning to commit to your morning ritual. Whatever you need, share it with those around you. Stop staying quiet and pushing your own needs behind the curtain.What happens when you push enough stuff behind the curtain, sooner or later its got to come out and it will do so with a BANG!

3. Ask for support

Yes! It’s quite often one of the hardest things for us women to do. Asking for help can feel like a punch in the face but when you do it, it’s liberating. Sometimes I get my fiancé to entertain our daughter while I get my workout in and lately we have been working out together while she is at Kindergarten so we have a higher level of accountability and it’s way more fun. There is always support right there or a solution to getting the support. Sometimes it's just about being resourceful and doing whatever you have to do to make it happen.

So give it a go. Keep your boundaries in place for your personal time and things, which make you feel like no matter what happens you can face it because you are being taken care of first.

And when you find something which is working well and helps you to keep your boundaries in place – KEEP USING IT! We often forget about the tools we have to support ourselves.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing how you go. Please jump in the Reinvention Revolution – awaken, elevate and succeed and share your insights and learning’s.

Love hard and live loud,

Judy x

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