Letting Go


Letting Go

You like to hang on to things. You like to surround yourself with hang-ups, hurt and criticism and then you dangle these things all around your consciousness like decorating a house, as a reminder to never go to those places of risk and vulnerability ever again.

“If I open up, I will just be torn down. It’s hurts. Not doing that again.”

“I got real honest with my partner and she just shoved it back in my face and left anyway. Not doing that again in a relationship.”

“I put myself out there and applied for my dream job, and I got laughed out of the interview. I think I will just accept that I am just dreaming if I think I am ever going to have a better job than what I have now.”

Sound familiar? You stress about tomorrow. You get worked up about the small things that people say. You resolve to just accept that life will never get better. You stop believing. You shut down on the inside, and you curl up in a ball with your spikes out in an attempt to protect yourself from ever being hurt or disappointed ever again.

There is a place of freedom and confidence that you can move towards.

It starts with letting go. Letting go of the hang-ups. Letting go of the hurt and the disappointments. Let go of the self-criticism and the constant battering of your soul that you are so relentlessly doing, on a daily basis.

Let go of what has been and come into the present moment where the past doesn’t matter anymore, and creative potential is yours to have, to create the life you have once dreamed of living.

Right here right now, you can let all that stuff go with just a very simple decision deep in your soul.

Let it go. Let... it... go! It's exciting when you do. It is even fun!

Just watch how, when you do, life begins to open itself up to you. Opportunities present themselves to you. The right people turn up in your life. It is such a place of ease.

You don’t need the padding of the past to protect you. You are capable of much more than you realise. Let go and you will find the strength naturally comes for you to flourish.

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