How To Silence Your Inner Critic & Live Powerfully

the judy king

It’s draining. Listening to the bullsh*t that we tell ourselves some days. Seriously. Stop it. Become aware of what you are listening to from your own self.

I’m not good enough for that job

I can’t do it because I don’t have enough experience

I am not skinny enough to get that relationship I want

I can’t publish this article. It’s not good enough. People will think I am crazy.

I can’t speak up in this crowd. They’ll think I’m a loser…

You can talk properly. Why would anyone listen to you anyway.

You messed up that thing last time. You’ll mess it up again.


Just scream it out. "SHUT UP!"

"I am not listening to you ANYMORE!!!!!"

Realise today that those unconscious beliefs deep inside of your that are feeding you all this rubbish every time you try to step forward into something. They do not serve or benefit you in any way.

There is something big I want to tell you and when you get this, your life will change forever... Ready? 


Recognise this inner critic. The thoughts that drag you down. Name them and then send them a new and very clear message….

I am going to choose to listen to a much more powerful message that is residing inside of me.

The plan and purpose for my life is huge.

I am tapping into THAT energy.

I have access to all the resources that I need to accomplish everything I put my mind and heart to.

Perfection is an illusion. Failure is too.

I am learning. With each new experience, I learn and grow a little bit more towards my goals.

I am worthy of love and I welcome it into my life.

I have the ability to create the beautiful life that I dream about through the daily decisions I make.

When I feel weak and lacking I will remember the source of life that is abundant and surrounds me all the time.

I am not the product of my environment or my up-bringing.

I am choosing this day to create a new story and live it on purpose.

...I challenge you right in this moment to list all the amazing things about yourself and who you are. The joy you bring to those around you. The skills and abilities you have. Write 20 things that you want to acknowledge yourself for.

Speak these things to yourself in the mirror aloud, daily for a week. Note the changes.

The next time your inner critic pipes up and wants to steal your thunder, get the list out and remind it of who you are and what you are choosing to believe instead.