Get Adventurous

get adventurous

Get Adventurous

Childhood memories of being adventurous bring about images of exploring forests, climbing into trees, going wandering off over sand dunes and trying things that appear beyond us (like walking from crawling).

One trait of children that drives their exploration from the time they are born is curiosity.

There is this small still voice within them that says “what if I just try this… I wonder what will happen.” The reward that follows from a successful achievement drives the curiosity further, and thus children learn and grow.

Somewhere along the line, perhaps from too many falls or setbacks, we start to surpress the curiosity and switch over to living in what we know (by default).

The thing is, we were not made to stay sitting still.

We were designed to keep pushing the boundaries. The still small voice is still inside of us, which is why you feel frustrated and stuck. The internal struggle that you have drowned out with the noise of life and mindsets is growing restless. Your soul desperately wants adventure. It wants to break out and see what’s possible.

I challenge you today to open yourself again to curiosity. To get adventurous.

All you need to do right now is allow the wonder to begin. Step outside of what you know or think is possible right now.

Dare to ask yourself “what if?”

Just play with that thought in you mind and let it sit there for a day or so.

“What if I could do any job I wanted to? What would that look like.”

“Do I really want to be living like this for the next 20 years? If not, then what do I want to be doing?”

“What if I had enough money to travel the world for 12 months, how would that feel.”

“What if I could have an open and totally honest relationship with my partner… what would that do for us?”

Ask yourself specific questions and make small decisions that will eventually lead to massive change in your life. Make a commitment to be open to new ideas.

Step by step, curiosity leads to action.

The more you allow yourself to wonder, the more you start to research the idea. Then the idea starts to feel more possible with each new day you roll it around inside your mind. Before you know it you are at the point of action – faced with the opportunity to jump.


Don’t worry what people will think of you. They will think what they think anyway. Isnt it better for you to be living an extraordinary life and have been ‘thinking what they think’ thank living small and having the same thing happening? J People are people. Are they really that important to you that you would give up on your dreams for them?

Let them be. Just focus on what is most important to you and the adventures that await.

Leap off the edge!

See what it feels like to fly!


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