Your Perfect Health: Looking & Feeling Good

looking and feeling good

I have spent most of my adult life working with people in the fitness industry. I have driven my own body to it’s limits for competitions and just to prove to myself that I can achieve perfection in my appearance. Essentially, I was supposed to be a walking advert to people who were overweight and unhealthy.

I nearly lost it. My body was run down, I was fatigued and I experienced a mental battle on a daily basis. On the outside people thought I was incredibly successful, with an amazing body, and that meant happy. But I was a long way from being totally fulfilled.

Here’s the thing. You can push yourself to the max in the gym, and starve your body of food to get the physical body to look amazing. But your internal environment will still be suffering the same old issues that you had before you started your self-sacrificing efforts. The stress and the pressure will continue to trigger old thought patterns, and your old emotional reactions that lead to bad habits will crawl up to pull you back down.

Good Health is a Mindset             

Good health starts in the mind. The power and the energy needed to make major change starts with a clearing of old mindsets, limiting belief systems developed throughout your life, and clearing away the internal dialogue that is constantly chattering away in your mind, often without you even being aware of it. The freedom that comes from clearing this stuff then allows you to develop new habits backed by positive mental affirmations, which in turn support your efforts to reach your goals. Often you will blow your goals out of the park.

The power and the energy needed to make major change starts with a clearing of old mindsets

NLP techniques help to clear this stuff out. It helps you to recognize the stories you are telling yourself that are keeping you operating at high levels of stress, anxiety and forcing you to push push push yourself harder because you think that’s the only way forward. The busier you are, the less you have to think about the fact that you are constantly frustrated and unhappy, right?

Healthy Is A Lifestyle

Healthy is a lifestyle. Second to creating healthy mindsets is supporting your physical body with good nutrition at a cellular level. How do you treat your physical body? Do you respect it? Or do you abuse it? Do you eat enough fruits and vegetables? Are you getting the antioxidants you need to combat all of the free radicals which are damaging your cells every second? (Damage is occurring through the air we breath, exercise, stress, toxins we consume and more – every single second of every day.) Do you get enough rest? Do you give your body what it needs to defend the inflammation? Or are you stuck in a process of self sabotage, where you are consuming crap food (with little to no nutrient value), drinking alcohol, smoking and binge eating. You might find that your mindsets are the beginning of this abuse, and once you rewire your thinking your attitude towards treating your body right will change almost automatically.

Balance of Nutrients

A good balance of nutrients is essential for good cellular function. Relying on quick fixes like botox and surgery doesn’t actual solve the issue of poor health. A healthy lifestyle takes time. Starting out it can be incredibly overwhelming – where do you start? You may feel as though you have such a long way to go, so what’s the point. The point is your life is at stake. How long did it take you to get to the point you are today? 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? Be realistic to know the change isn’t going to happen for you in 6 weeks or even 12 weeks. It requires a long term approach. Having a nutritional support program is the best place to start. This will fill some nutritional holes and support the small changes you are making to your diet.

Drink More Water

Drinking more water is also the easiest hard thing to do. It’s amazing how many of us struggle to drink the amount of water our bodies need. Yet it is such a simple task to think about it. Get a good routine going. Get a 1L water bottle (not a plastic one) and fill it in the morning when you get up. Make sure by lunch time its all gone. Then fill again and have it empty by bedtime. Routine helps us until the habit develops.

All change, learning and behaviour occurs at the unconscious level.

Change of any type is never easy when we are trying to make the change consciously. Have you tried to change a bad habit recently? How easy was it? It’s not! Hence why when we say we will start our ‘diet on Monday’ we may start however it lasts a few days at the most. All change, learning and behaviour occurs at the unconscious level. This is the type of change work we do with NLP coaching. All change happens unconsciously and when you get it at the unconscious level, it’s locked in as fast as clicking your fingers.

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