Following Your Own Path

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We’ve all heard the poem about the road in the woods and the whole idea of taking the road less travelled.

But what about the road that is unique to you? Did you consider that when you were wandering around in the woods?

The talk of ‘living your dreams’ is big on social media. Instagram is full of quotes about it. Facebook loves this inspirational stuff.

But we have to choose action! We have a choice to write the script of our future. What an opportunity.

You can choose to follow your own internal GPS.

But it might be unconventional. It might not be the ‘done’ thing. It might go against the expectations of your family, friends, community, or culture.

It might mean massive changes to where you live, who you are in relationships with, and how you spend your time.

Maybe the path you are pulled towards is one that blazes a new trail – something that has never been done before. For example, the first female to be a president. Or the invention of the Iphone. Or the first person to speak up against the slave trade. Or maybe you are the first person to complete a university degree, or start your own business in your family.

Sure, I am not saying the path is going to be paved with bliss and blessing.

There is going to be some hard parts to walk through. Some heavy mindsets to shift in the beginning. Some massive changes to make that will feel incredibly uncomfortable.

When you live true to your own soul navigation you will find a number of things start to happen.

  1. You’ll feel happy and fulfilled
  2. You will find ‘flow’ in your life where the things you need to achieve become easy and effective. This is sometimes referred to as ‘living in your zone of genius’.
  3. You won’t have to constantly motivate yourself to do the tasks you need to do – you will want to do them
  4. Your life with have purpose 

Removing limiting mindsets and beliefs             

I work with lots of people who really do want to move forward and follow their own path, but they struggle to break through the invisible ceiling that seems to be capping their potential.

We are a product of our environment. Over our lifetime, especially in our younger years, we develop limiting mindsets. These can be anything – about money, relationships, how we view our own worth, self-confidence, emotional issues and so on. These mindsets are what form the cap, and to truly live in your potential you need to break through them.

Start by recognising some of the self-talk that goes on in your head. Things like “I could never do that…” or “people will just think I am stupid” or “they would never pay that much to hire me”… These are all limiting beliefs.

Operate as if you are the only thing standing in your way.

Because the truth is, most of the time you ARE the only thing standing in your own way

You can blame your circumstances, other people, your history, your family, your location – for the reasons why you are stuck and feel trapped. These are lies you tell yourself and they do not serve you at all. Take responsibility and get back your personal power for making the decisions which move you forward.

Create a vision of what you want the future to look like

Take some time out to write down, or sketch what your ideal life would look like. What would you look like? What work do you do? What type of relationships do you have? How much money do you want? Where do you want to live? What will you see, feel and hear when you have your ideal life? Just have a huge brainstorming session with yourself and put down on paper anything and everything that comes to mind.

The more you do this, the more obvious your path will become. And you’ll start to see the steps you need to take to get there.

Start now

Once you have some idea of what you need to do, just get started. Start with one thing that you need to do to move along your own path. Imagine, had you started a year ago, you’d be a year closer to your goals. So, what if you start today, instead of tomorrow or next week?

Take Action

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