What is it you’re not noticing?


You find yourself keeping busy with the small stuff. How productive are you, really?

There is something bothering you which you just can't put your finger on?

You’re wasting time and getting no where.

Feeling frustrated and annoyed. Not knowing what to do. Filling your mind with negative self talk (which you also may not be aware of), which leads to self destructive behaviour and then you cover that up with addictions.

You’re not pulled towards a purpose. Not making a stand in the world for anything.

You’re keeping yourself busy with the low paying activities, not fully committed to anything and hoping no one will notice you’re not fully committed.

You’re not allowing yourself to feel, just going through the motions, enjoying the dark parts in some uncanny way. You’re not able to tap into your creativity. It’s gone. Where the hell is it? How can I get it back you say… Maybe a holiday will do the trick – nope. Maybe a day off – nope. None of it works cause there is one thing you’re not noticing, or not caring enough to notice.

That one thing, that if you got it, achieved it – would help you tap into all of your goodness, greatness, creativity and abundance…

Sooner or later you will need to care. Your walls will come tumbling down around you. Your relationships will crumble. Health will diminish. You will lose yourself. It’s bound to happen, it’s how life shows up when we don’t show up for ourselves.

Invest in playing ignorant and it will come back to hurt you. Invest in being willing to clean up the mess, it will come back to help you.

Your playing small in this world will never benefit anyone.

You can pretend to yourself you don’t deserve to play big, or who are you to play it big in this big scary world – you can surely convince yourself of this. But not me.

You can hide and avoid it as much as you like, but there will eventually be no where else to run. You will run out of places to hide. The crap will always find you. Stop running. Stop hiding. Embrace it!

Taking yourself head on and doing the hard work will pay you back ten fold (or 100 fold). Its not the easy stuff which defines us, it’s the hard. Think about that for a moment.

Imagine a life by your own design.

Just picture that for a moment. What will that look like? What will you be saying? Or those saying to you? What will it feel like? Will there be a certain smell in the air? Or a taste in your mouth? Mouth watering to say the least!

No more blaming, justifying, avoiding, hiding, making others wrong, losing.

What it entails is a sense of urgency. No more fluff. Relentless action and accountability. Don’t be the one who left it too late and looks back on their life with regret.

So the question is, what are you not noticing?

What is it going to take for you to be ready NOW, to play all out?

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