3 Ways to take back your personal power


Just like if you decide to paint a picture, you choose the colours, the designs, the shapes, even the technique to create the end result which is your masterpiece, so it is with your life.

Step back and take in your life. What paint did you use? Which decisions did you make? How was it that you created your life and are now where you are today?

It’s hard to hear that your life is your own fault. No one wants to be told that. But today, you need to hear it.

Your life is your fault. No one else’s. Just yours.

All of it. The good things, the bad things, and the ugly. All of it has been created by you.

But the most powerful truth in all of this is:

Once you realise and accept that your life is of your own making, you will then have the power to create the future the way you want to.

Every day you are making decisions to move in a certain direction. Every day you are giving in to fears that hold you back. Every day you are allowing other people to influence you.

Yes - you allow them to or you allow them not to, its your choice.

Take back your personal power by firstly taking responsibility for your own life. This means:

1.     No excuses

Making excuses instead of taking one hundred percent responsibility for your actions, your thoughts, and your goals are the hallmark of people who fail to succeed both in their professional and personal lives.

Excuses are stories we tell ourselves to keep us in our comfort zones. Becoming aware of the patterns of these stories is the beginning of taking back your power.

Want to travel? Then, travel. It is not your job, your spouse or partner, the cost, or the time that holds you back from achieving your dreams. It is you. Want to weigh a certain number of pounds? Then, eat and exercise like the person who would weigh that particular weight.

No matter how good your excuses seem, they are not empowering you to live the life you want, so give them up, now.

My favorite quote is “you can have results or you can have excuses, but you can have both”

2.     Eliminate Blame

As soon as you blame someone or something else for the problems in your life, you immediately give the power away. Listen to the way you speak – are you blaming everything around you for feeling stuck where you are?

The hard truth is, it’s none of that! It is your limited thinking and inability to tap into your resourcefulness.

Even the really horrible stuff that happens – maybe you were abused, or mistreated, or forsaken. These things happen to you, but as soon as you let them control you, rather than choose to get the learnings and grow through them, you give away your power.

It is my belief that everything, and I mean everything has a powerful and more positive meaning behind it that you just haven’t realised yet. There is something bigger in play.

Take back the power. Stop the blame game.

3.     Get help

Changing mindset patterns and life habits can be difficult to overcome when they have been stacking up in your subconscious for a long time. The type of coaching I am trained in helps you to take charge of your life by addressing your thinking patterns, your belief systems, values and unconscious mindsets. All of the changes we make we do at the unconscious level which means change is instant. Powerful! What is most powerful about the work I do is we are not concerned about the content (your story of what happened), therefore you don’t need to go back and relive it and talk about it. We discover the structure so we can change the way you do it. This is done through an incredible process called Time Line Therapy® we release negative emotions and limiting beliefs from the past, by learning from the experiences in your life (in a dissociated position) and equip you to deal with them positively, and powerful when similar stuff happens in the future.

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