Your Focus Becomes Your Reality


Focus your energy on building the new, not on trying to change the old.

There are so many things in our life that really are just out of your control. Nothing you can do about it. How powerless does that make you feel?

We go through life feeling stuck and overwhelmed and most of this is comes from focussing on all the parts of our life that frustrate us that we don’t seem to be able to change.

Change your focus. Shift your mind away from the boulders in the way and look around you for the alternate route. The detour. It’s always there.

You always have a choice. Always. You are the only one in your life who controls what you do, who you see, where you go and how you get there. Perhaps the detour might be a little uncomfortable to begin with. Maybe it feels a little like it’s taking a longer than originally planned.

In any situation you find yourself there is always a course of action that you can control.

Your Attitude

Your attitude is singularly controlled by you. In a moment you can shift a negative attitude to a more positive outlook simply by becoming aware of it and choosing to switch to a new focus. Maybe some days you need to put on some groovy music to shift it, or catch up with an inspiring friend to fuel the positive energy, but realise that in this instance you are choosing to change the focus.

Your Behaviour

There is no one to blame for the situation you find yourself in, or the actions that follow. You are completely responsible for everything you do, and how you respond to external events, and this is totally something you need to own. When you do something that is out of alignment with your values – it was your choice and you chose to allow your focus to be pulled away, distracted. This always works on the flip side – when you make good choices and focus all your energy on building an awesome life around you, own it! Acknowledge yourself for shifting your focus and totally nailing it.

Your Openness to New Opportunities

This one might sound a little obscure, but unless you are focusing your attention in the right direction you are more than likely to miss seeing the opportunities for change and new directions that are all around you. I used to have a yoga teacher that would gently remind our class during a good stretch that when we stretched our bodies that we should also stretch our minds and open ourselves to new opportunities. Within 7 days following the class there was always something new in front of me. It was amazing. You can position yourself right so that these opportunities fall in your lap. Forget the past. Set your focus on the new before you.

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