You Don’t Need Permission Or Approval To Be A CHANGE MAKER.


You don’t know how much power and potential you actually have. And most people don’t realize their ability to create change in themselves and others.

When you experience it, it takes only moments to realize it. Describing it is not quite the same.

Have you ever been in a situation, where you outline a brave new strategy for exponential growth, which requires a different way of thinking? Trying to get everyone in alignment and willing to go with the new and unknown can feel close to impossible.

Or perhaps you’re an entrepreneur working tirelessly to get your business off the ground and help people see your vision. Yet all of the knock-backs just send you on a downward mental spiral, where you are treating yourself worse than your worst enemy. You know you need to change your way of thinking but it’s to damn hard! And you just don’t know how!

Change is not for the faint hearted. Full STOP!

Easy for others, not so easy for you. You feel comfy and cosy right where you are, why would you want to change that? You would rather leave the risk taking for others, you don’t believe you are brave enough for that.

To really top it off, and excuse yourself from taking action – you have every ‘good’ reason not too:

·      Things aren’t too bad, things are working ok

·      Why fix something that isn’t broken?

·      It’s never been done that way before

·      What if we fail?

·      I don’t have what it takes

Legendary leaders are change makers, that’s not me, you say. I could never be that BOLD, BRAVE or BADASS. Ah-eh! That is where you are totally wrong!

You can be anything you desire. How bad do you want to turn your excuses into results?

Are you willing to do ANYTHING to turn your goals into reality?

It’s not going to be easy. Anyone who says it will be is kidding themselves.

I didn’t say it would be hard either, although it will be different.

Different to how you have done it your entire life.

Different to what everyone else is doing.

Different to how everyone else thinks you ‘should’ do it.

Giving up your old ways is like tuning a guitar.

It needs to be tuned every single time you pick it up. (They go out of tune quickly). At first it takes you longer to tune it, but the more familiar you become with tuning it, the faster you get. Learning to listen to pitches very closely takes time, focus and practice.Just like tuning your mind.

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