Let's Talk Money - Raw & Real


Let’s talk money! When was the last time you had a raw and real conversation with anyone about money? Why are we so ashamed to be completely transparent about this part of our lives that it seems all of us at some point struggle with?

Working as a coach, there are three common mindsets around money which I come across when facilitating change in their mindsets to create prosperity.


Money Is Evil

This one is interesting as so many people have this mindset around money. That people with money are bad. That wanting money is bad. That telling people you have money is the last thing you should ever do. So you should just be happy with what you have and do not let your heart be consumed with a desire to break this mindset and get more money.

Behind this sits an interesting truth. The reason you look at money this way is probably because it is the mindset that has been handed down through the generations to you from your family. Or it was a decision you made at some point through what you saw in the world and made a generalisation. But it is a massive shift of responsibility. You demonise money, turning a static item that passes through our hands into a personality. You give it meaning which only creates suffering. Once this has occurred you can then hide away from it and not face the facts that this is a massive issue you need to be addressing.

When you shift your mindset towards money as simply being a necessary tool to help support your highest possible purpose (which is always for your good and the good of others), then all of a sudden your relationship with money changes. It is there to serve you. What could be possible with this shift?

My belief is collectively we all have a huge shift to make around our money mindset so together we can transform the planet.

There is Not Enough Money

Have you heard this before? “I really want to pursue my dreams but I just don’t have enough money to do it at the moment.”

Let me ask you this. How much money do you really need? Money is like time. We adjust to support the things we really want to do. Think about a person who is having an affair – all of a sudden they create hours in their day to see their lover that they never seemed to have before.

If there is one thing that holds most of the world back it’s this debilitating fear of not being able to take care of ourselves financially while pursuing our passion.

The world is loaded. Seriously full of money. Floating all around the place. Your issue is not having enough money. You can get hold of more and more if you really want it.

Your issue is that you are using this as an excuse to take serious steps, get motivated and change your life. Often this mindset is connected to others around procrastination and just out right fear.

Recognise what it is that is really holding you back. I can almost guarantee its not a money issue.

The world’s wealthiest people are also some of the biggest risk takers. What is your willingness to trust your instincts and take the risks needed to go to the next level?

I dare you to take the jump out into the unknown. I just have.

Have to work hard for the money

Western society coming out of the wars has developed a mindset that convinces you that you have to work hard for money. That the only way to get more money is to slug your guts out for 80 hours every week in a job you hate.

This is not the case. This mindset relates to another that is more tied up in self-worth and how society rewards us throughout our lives.

Working hard is not how you make more money in the long run. Working in alignment with your ultimate purpose is. Being connected to the infinite source is. When you step into your purpose there is an amazing, magical thing that happens. A lot of people refer to this as “flow” or your “genius zone” and it’s where it all comes together. Your passion and your purpose spark. This is the ultimate place to be in as it feels easy(not hard work), time flies and money flows.

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