How Comfortable Is The Comfort Zone Really?


Have you ever found yourself in a comfort zone that became stagnant and boring? Almost too comfortable. Like it was so comfy that you searched and craved something more?

I know very few people who are able to get all cozy in their comfort zone and stay there forever. Most of us get fidgety. We want something new, something more. We feel something, an urge, a gut instinct, a voice in the back of our minds telling us there is something else out there yet to be seen or achieved or perhaps a yearning to grow and expand.

Others really thrive off living within that comfort zone. They resist and fight to stay within the confine of this limited space. They ignore opportunities and avoid anything that might open them up to the world of the unknown. But as much as comfortable as that feels, even they don't get to stay put.

Life doesn't work that way. We live on a planet (and within a universe) that is constantly evolving. Everything around us is changing, year by year, month by month, week by week, day by day and moment to moment.

The seasons, nature, animals, human's - we all respond to these changes within the planet. Everything follows a cycle and nothing remains unchanged.

Think for a moment about energy, and how our own energy is fluctuating every moment and every day - why is that and for what purpose is this constantly changing?

What if, your comfort zone wasn't as stable as you imagined it to be, or wished it was?