Fear vs Growth


It’s easy to be bold when you have nothing to lose. It’s easy to take action when you have been there before. However, moving out of your comfort zone is never an easy thing to do – that’s why it’s called a comfort zone. Because it’s comfortable!

But it’s not where you will find your genius. It’s not where you will feel completely fulfilled and alive! Your motivation and ambition does not flourish in a comfort zone.

So, what’s the issue then? Why do we stay and not venture out into the big wide wonder of life and potential?

It’s a familiar foe you are facing. And one that is not unique to you. We have all been there at some stage… Crawling around on our hands and knees, submitting to the self-doubt, the worry, the insecurities, all being driven by the master of the moment – FEAR.

We don’t think about it consciously most of the time, but it’s often staring you in the face – your subconscious is constantly trying to bring these things to your attention. We wrap these things up in stories that we tell ourselves. Like the one where you look at a successful person and think ‘I could never do that. They just got a lucky break.’ Or, ‘that person is incredibly more gifted than I am.’ Or ‘she is just so beautiful. You have to be beautiful to be ultra-successful.’

It is a simple realization that shifts your life from ‘effect’ (things happening to you) to cause (you take responsibility). Majority of successful people have removed the excuses and just gone after all that they want. They deal with the mindsets and see that fear really is just an illusion and something that can easily be broken through with consistent, focused action.

Try this on for a moment:

Fear is NOT your master. You give fear the control it has. You bring it to life in your mind. You create it.

Don’t subscribe to the Moaners and Whingers club. Become a Change maker in your own life.

Overcoming Your Fears

When you take a good look at the thoughts and belief systems that form your fears, you can obtain an objective perspective of the fears and learn to overcome them. Just like you are in control of creating your fears, you are also in control of turning fear into excitement by focusing on what you want. Using a process called Time Line Therapy we look at situations in the past that trigger your fears, learn from these situations and then use what we learn to help you confront and overcome your fears in the future.

Once we work through these things and spend time resolving the limiting beliefs you have formed around success, your own self-esteem, money, self-worth and other things that are contributing to the fear, you will find it much easier and will readily summon the necessary strength, courage and confidence you need to overcome the fears. You begin to recognize that any outcome of your actions, whether they are successes, failures or non-actions, are all forms of feedback, none of which should be feared. The bigger your fears grow, the further your dreams seem to be.

Just like you are in control of creating your fears, you are also in control of turning fear into excitement by focusing on what you want.

So, what would you do if you weren't afraid?

NLP uses several techniques to help you remove fear and limiting beliefs and transform you into action and power.

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