Embrace Confrontation, Resistance & Discomfort


This goes completely against what we as human beings currently embrace. We thrive on familiarity. It gives us a sense of security, safety and protection.

Confrontation, resistance and discomfort are things we generally avoid.

How safe is it truly keeping us?

We hide out. We live in our unawake state. We go with the flow. We are busy being busy. We do what we know we are good at. We eat at the same places. Think the same thoughts day in a day out. We aren’t fulfilled. We tolerate anxiety and confusion. We fear what we can’t see. We are satisfied being dissatisfied. Is this really it?

I beg to disagree. I think it’s a crime that we allow ourselves to be fooled. We fool ourselves into believing our own made up reality. Our creativity is outstanding. We become the writer of our very own, personalized dramatic horror stories. You know what I am talking about right? Just like the ones we pay money to go and watch at the cinemas, which we know aren’t real. Yet when we push play on our own made up stories through our own imagination, we believe it as truth.  

We avoid confrontation. It’s easier to sweep things under the rug than to have a tough conversation. Or is it? What if it was that conversation which created a little resistance, and discomfort that led to freedom?

Getting uncomfortable creates opportunity. It opens up possibility. Doesn’t that very thought excite you? It does for me. So what is it that we so scared of?

Just think about it for a moment.

Where in your life do you or could you put yourself into situations, which feel uncomfortable? Doing something you have never done before? Making a phone call you have been putting off? Apologise to a friend or family member? Start a new business venture or new career? Hire a coach?

If fear wasn’t present and you embraced the opportunity of all of these, what is possible?

I just jumped out of a plane at 13,000 feet and did a tandem skydive, the free-fall lasted about 50 seconds, wow it was exhilarating. Did I feel confronted and discomfort, of course I did. Did my mind start to run the horror stories of what might have been, yep! But guess what, I am in control of it. I can hit the stop button any time I choose, and refocus on the excitement of jumping out of a plane and experiencing the most incredible views in the world.

Change and growth are not possible when you play the staying safe game. If you’re seriously here to play a big game, you have to be willing to get on the court. Getting on the court requires embracing confrontation, resistance and discomfort.

All we have is now, give yourself permission to rise.

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