Decisive Action

decisive action

Making decisions doesn’t need to be hard.

Every day, think about how many choices you make from small little ones to ones we would consider much larger. There are so many decision being made, and most of them you make without little consideration. Each of these lead you through your day and when combined create the life you are currently living.

When a decision presents itself to you that potentially has the power to set you outside of your comfort zone, change your current focus or direction, or effect the people around you, the decision then is more consciously considered.

The hard part comes into play when you really don’t know what you want, have no understanding of your core values, or you have no clear direction for your future.  

There are people I have met who can’t even make the simple decisions like what they want to eat for dinner. This kind of disconnect from self is prevalent in today’s crazy busy world. With so many options and so much mind noise, we lose touch with who we are and who we want to be.

There is an element of fear on a variety of levels that come into play here that also needs to be addressed. Fear of making a wrong choice. We have discussed fear in other blogs, but the main thing the remember is that there is no wrong choice really – only learning. When something doesn’t work out to the benefit you are expecting, it is not the end of the world. It is just a lesson learnt for you to choose a different way next time.

Get clear on your core values, and how you want your life to look, you can then use these factors to measure the influence of the decision against it, fear will be less prevalent once you are in alignment with your self.

If you want more time with your family and get offered a job that is going to take you away from them for weeks on end, and consume most of your headspace when you are at home with them, then it isn’t the right decision for you.

But if you haven’t reflected on what you want, with regards to your family structure, then this decision will be hard.

When you are aligned with your values, you will almost immediately know what decision you need to make.

The next step on from this is decisive action. Not only having the ability to make clear decisions on opportunities that present themselves, but making daily decisions to action the vision you have for your life.

This is where your life begins to evolve into a powerful resemblance of what you truly want.

I begin the day by reflecting on what I want and then things I need to do in that day to move me closer to my goals. Writing this down helps when I reflect at the end of the day. This mindfulness makes me much more consciously aware of the actions I take throughout the day that either move me closer or further away from those goals.

Try it. Spend a whole day consciously thinking about just one goal you have and see what actions you take and how they affect the fulfilment of the goal. At the end of the day make a list of the things you did that moved you closer, and the things you did that took you further away.

Decisive action is what takes you from living in ‘effect’ where you are just allowing life to happen to you to moving into the realm of ‘cause’ where you create the life you want through your decisive action.

This quote by Dan Waldschmidt sums it up perfectly:

“ Success is intentional. You either make it happen. Or you don’t. Your results are the outcome of your effort. What you do leads directly to what you get….”

(you can read the article here.)


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