Definition: Clearness of perception and understanding.

I remember a few years ago, when life was still pretty crazy, lots going on, and I was all over the place, I had this moment where everything just seemed to stop. Like a pause in the universe of my life, and suddenly I knew exactly who I was and who I was supposed to be.

In an instance, all that I was and my destiny seemed perfectly aligned and intertwined and I felt it.

Clarity. One brief moment.

I was elated. Full of purpose, clear thoughts and a vision for my future, I wanted to run and shout it to the world.

Within a few minutes, the next stress came full force at me, and I got completely distracted again for a couple more years. During that time, I remembered that moment of clarity, the purpose I felt and the vision I had, and desperately wanted to get back to that place again. Or move forward into that place and live there.

I had spent most of my life not really knowing who I was, or who I wanted to be. ‘Living by default’ is how some people describe it. Bouncing from one job or relationship to the next feeling lost, confused, disorganised and constantly distracted.

Most of the time, I just could never really tell you what it was that I truly wanted. A lot of people I talk to express the same thing. I ask them what they want from the life, their jobs, their relationships, and the immediate reaction is – “I’m not sure. I don’t really know.”

The truth does actually lie within you, if you stop long enough to clear out the crap and let it all come to the surface.

So what happened with me? I realised that clarity was not going to come from my external surroundings, and was not going to just fall in my lap. I need to deal with all the layers of mud that were making my vision hazy and blurry. I cleaned out my internal house. Decluttered, so to speak. Once I had removed all the perceptions of how I should be living and all the negative beliefs I had around life and myself, I started the journey towards actively creating the life I wanted.

I stopped living by default and started living consciously and on purpose.

I got clear on who I was, my highest purpose, and the steps I needed to take to get there.

Here’s some questions to get you thinking:

1.     If you think back through your life, what are the moments where you have experienced true happiness. What were you doing at the time?

2.     What achievements are you most proud of?

3.     Who inspires you, and what qualities to they possess?

4.     If you were given 1 billion dollars tomorrow what would you do with it?

5.     What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

A key to helping you come to this place of clarity is taking at least 10 minutes a day to sit and quiet your mind. Some call it meditation or mindfulness. This practise takes your mind away from all the external noise that is going on and brings it back within you. This practise on a daily basis will sharpen your self-awareness and increase your clarity of thought and purpose.

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